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Curtains for Closets: DIY "Doors" the Easy Way

By Picardy Project on Sep 03, 2013

It's been a while since I bought the fabric for our curtain "doors" for the hallway closet and our bedroom closet. The hallway is just a couple steps from being done so this was just one more small item I needed to get checked off to call the hallway done. I broke out the fabric for the hallway and started pinning and hemming



It was simple and quick: just sewing up two panels.

Once I got the top and sides hemmed I took it into the hallway and fastened it in place to see how much needed to be cut off from the bottom


Then I just snipped the bottom off, hemmed it so it dusted the floor, hemmed the second curtain to the same length and attach them in place



I made sure the tops of both curtains matched up so the pattern carried evenly as they hung next to each other


Then it was time to repeat the process for the closet.

Hemming the top and sides of the two panels...


Attaching the first panel in place to get the right length...


Zoe supervised the process


And then, it was done



Zoe approves


The bedroom is one step closer to getting finished and all we have to do to get the hallway done: make our travel artwork and then hanging it all up!

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