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10 Incredible Interiors That Use Barn Doors

By Sarah Sarna | A Fashion, Beauty, and Decor Blog | on Sep 16, 2013

Barn Door Hardware Rachel Halvorson Design

Barn doors have long left the barn. The former farmhouse fixtures have made their way indoors, and to stay.

Barn Door Hardware Tilton Fenwick

Their simple styling suggests an earlier, simpler, style of life, while their often weather-beaten patina, and large, weighty scale make them an appealing aesthetic accent in modern, as well as traditional, interiors.

Barn Door Hardware Hufft Design

Referential to the great earthy outdoors where barn doors began, they ground an interior by providing a visual link to what lies outside.

Barn Door Hardware

It is no wonder then, that these country staples are now incredibly coveted in city homes.

Barn Door Hardware Tilton Fenwick

Thanks to their sliding door hardware, barn doors save space by eliminating the need for a door swing.

Barn Door Hardware

They add interest and optimize space in small spaces like New York homes, particularly in small bathrooms, hallways, and in transitions between public and private space.

Barn Door Hardware Green Home Construction

The beauty of the barn door is aesthetic and ultra functional.

Barn Door Hardware Kriste Michelini

From a very minimal interior (see the above bedroom) to a more rustic space (see the painted wood-paneled hallway below), the barn door look slides seamlessly into the decor.

Barn Door Hardware Design Platform

With so many hardware finishes and door styles to choose from, the only question becomes, which combination works best for each space.

Barn Door Hardware

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Images / 01 Interior Design: Rachel Halvorson / 02 Interior Design: Tilton Fenwick. Photographer Trevor Tondo via The New York Times / 03 Interior Design: Hufft Projects. / 04 via Design Salad / 05 Interior Design: Tilton Fenwick. Photographer Trevor Tondo via The New York Times / 06 via Hallingstad / 07 Interior Design: Green Home Construction. Photographer: Ezra Oktar / 08 Interior Design: Kriste Michelini / 09 Interior Design: Design Platform. Photographer: David Lauer. / 10 via Unskinny Boppy /

This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Barn Door Hardware, produced, written, and curated by Sarah Sarna. Barn Door Hardware is dedicated to those hard to find and even harder to get unique hardware accessories.

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