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All Hale... Well, Half

By The Ugly Duckling House on Mar 06, 2012
When I told the clerk at Big Orange that I wanted a paint sample of "Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore," she literally typed H-E-L-L into the computer and asked me if she got the name right.

This is The South, people.  It's a funny place where those two words sound similar enough to misspell (you'll also find people writing "fell" to describe how they feel all. the. time.).

Anywho, after a final coat over the weekend, I can now proudly say that I have two navy walls in the study-o:



I'm surprised it only took two coats, but I was using Behr's Premium Plus Ultra which has primer built into the paint.  Coverage in two coats when going from light blue to navy?  Impressive.


Of course, this is only half of the room.  Up next, I'll need to paint the other two walls white, build (or find) storage, and make over the Craigslist chair.


But for now, I am taking a moment to enjoy the way the desk I built pops off of the new navy walls.  It's even better than I'd imagined.  And much more enjoyable than the mess I must now clean up.



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