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Backyard Plans & New Elements

By 86'n It on Apr 12, 2012

I figured instead of showing only photos of plants, it would help to show a plan of the backyard. But because I understand that not everyone loves a plan as much as I do, I'll make it all fancy.

It also might help Marc and I organize ourselves. Imagine that!
(click to enlarge)


And here are some photos of what we have done so far (with the grey pointing to where I took the photo).
(click to enlarge)


It is actually shaping up really nicely and it is AMAZING to spend time out there. Franca loves it. More than loves it actually. It's been fun laying out all the outside rules, like:

What you CANNOT touch: spiders & snakes

What you CAN touch: roly-polies, worms, ants, slugs, snails, beetles, moths, centipedes, etc.

What can I say? The girl loves bugs.

Sometimes we will have come inside and I find her playing in the living room with one hand clenched around a poor roly-poly all curled up just praying for his life. Last week I had to let her drive a dead stink bug around her train track in a matchbox car. She still asks, "Where's my stinky bug?"

Anybunny, it's great to see how close (and above-and-beyond) the real thing is compared to our original plans (check them out here). Now we just have to: plant a garden, make lawnmower path, make a bench, remove last piles of junk, and make some dang real gates.

Should be a fun spring/summmer!


p.s. I'm only calling them roly-poly bugs because that is what people around here call them. I grew up calling them potato bugs and I think Marc calls them pill bugs.

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