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Builder's Eye

By HomeCentrl on Nov 23, 2011
It is a condition that effects many I'm sure and probably more than would care to admit that they are afflicted with it too. It is not limited to one field or occupation and as far as I know there isn't a cure. It is something that you just live with and accept. I don't even know if there is even a technical term for it.

But for me I have "Builder's Eye"

Yup it's real and I'm sure designers, plumbers, electricians, architects and many others have a similar affliction. When you have spent so many years learning and practicing your craft, every thing that you see within your field gets evaluated and for me that is "Buildings"

When I see a building I automatically look at anything that is off:

Roof repair, broken windows, chipped concrete, structural parts of the roof overhang is developing a problem...

I look at the style or lack there of. Its a square box. No detail.

I see the elements that were used: Mitered shingles on the corners, copper gutter and down spouts, wood shingled roof, windows, lack of visible air vents, no gable over hangs...

I look and see three different styles of windows, stones for the foundation, newly applied cedar shingles..

As much as I try to make it stop, I can't do it and for all the others that have this problem- Have you found a solution or cure?
 If not then how do you deal with this?



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