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Chalkboard Wall and Writing

By Classy Clutter on Oct 18, 2012
I am really loving chalkboards these days. I decided to paint this small wall in the kitchen with chalkboard paint so I would have a fun place to have my chalkboard writing and it also gave me an extra spot for some Holiday/ special occasions decor.

Remember THIS post I did a few weeks ago about how to fake chalkboard writing!!!

That's exactly what I did!


Here is how my wall started out

Then painted it one night after kids where all in bed and waiting until the next day to start chalking!


I came up with an image using my silhouette software. Which I don't like using silhouette for this type of thing because it always takes me FOREVER to finish my image.
I am WAY faster in photoshop but I had a few clip art things that I could only use in silhouette, that's why I used the silhouette software this time!


Using the projector just like I had in the other post 

and used these chalkboard pens I got started.
It only took me about 30 minutes to chalk up the whole image.


I found my white chalkboard pens at a VERY VERY cute store 
in downtown Main street in Mesa called Design Lab by DDG 
166 W. Main St. Ste 102 Mesa, Az 85201

If you have not been in to check out this store its a must see!

Here are a few close ups of my wall




After the birthday party I will chalk up a cute fall quote.

If you don't have a chalk board wall you need to!
I painted the whole thing in less then an hour and used only half my paint.
I know everyone will enjoy this in your house!

What do you think?

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