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Tool Obsession: Skilsaw

By Picardy Project on Apr 11, 2013

Quick note: we weren't compensated in anyway for this post, but if anyone wants to send us free stuff, I'm not going to send it back ;)

Pretty much any time I'm doing a carpentry project you can bet I'm going to bring my skilsaw.


Great for cutting dimensional lumber or rough cutting sheet goods, this beast has basically infinite power thanks to the worm drive configuration. Equipped with a diamond blade, you can even cut through concrete.




I especially appreciate the blade configuration allowing for easy viewing angle for right handers. If you're a lefty, though, maybe you'll like a sidewinder more.

I've abused mine in a variety of projects and it's always held up just fine. Covered in concrete dust, splashed with water from wet-cutting stone, dropped on the ground while quickly cutting down continues to show up every day ready for work. Gotta respect tools that don't need to be babied!


Mine is the SHD77M which is a little lighter than the original model. The new model (MAG77LT) is the newer, lighter model and it looks to have an improved base plate. If I were in the market for a new one, that's probably the model I'd put on my wish list. It's not out yet, but will be released at the beginning of May.

These days they're not made in the USA anymore, which is too bad. If you find a used one at a flea market or something and it's made in the USA, buy it. It'll probably last you your entire life. Unless you're a professional home framer or you drop this off a tall ladder, there's very little chance you'll ever have to service this thing (though sometimes the ground prong falls off so you may need to change the cord).

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