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Decoupage book shelf

By Alchemy Fine Living on Nov 15, 2012

My mom and dad picked up this book shelf at an estate sale for only $8! They just knew I needed it. I took it to my workshop and stared at it over and over again trying to decide what I was going to do with it. Then a light bulb went off… “I’ll cover it in book pages!!”

I had a bunch of old hymn books laying around that were old and tattered, so I started gluing them to the book shelf. About half way through I ran out of pages. I was telling my grandma about it and, what do you know, she had a book to give me. She gave me an old Norwegian hymn book. My grandpa’s family is from Norway, but this book was not a family heirloom or anything, I wouldn’t have cut it up if it was. It’s just a cool, old, Norwegian book.

After I covered the whole thing in pages I applied a layer of Shellac to protect it and added some burlap to finish off the back.

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