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DIY Gallery Wall: Spray Painting & Hanging Picture Frames

By Picardy Project on Feb 12, 2013

I've been staring at a really blank wall across from my desk for the last three months, ever since I repainted my art room/office


It's not that I don't have artwork and photos that I want to put up—I've got a bunch. But putting everything up would involve re-spray painting a bunch of the frames, and for some reason I just didn't feel motivated to do it.

But then I realized there are only three items I need to complete to get this room checked off the 2013 goal list and got my act together.

First up was collecting all the frames and setting them out to get spray painted


I had a bunch of bright green, red, yellow and black frames. For the room re-do, I was okay with the yellow, but the green, red, and black frames would get a little makeover


Glossy white, glossy gray, matte silver and oil-rubbed bronze

After the frames got painted and had dried in the sun, I brought them all inside and began replacing their contents. Clearly I should have taken notes on what belonged where, because my floor looked like a disaster zone


Once I finally figured out what went where, I laid things out to get an idea of how to arrange them on the wall


The arrangement I set out was actually too big for the wall, so I did what any responsible person would do and decided to just wing it as I went


It took about two hours, some patches (whoopsie, frame don't go there), and a purchase of one more frame (the only purchase for this project, since everything else was already on hand). Now it looks awesome


That's a huge improvement over this


The view directly from the chair at my desk


Pretty awesome, right? Eeeeee! It's amazing how much seeing things on the wall makes a place feel so much more lived in. I even get excited walking into the room and just seeing the corners of the frames



Now a beautiful sight to see as I procrastinate at my desk and think of things I would like to be doing other than my work... :)

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