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Going Broke

By The Ugly Duckling House on Mar 15, 2012
Something new I learned this week:  brick patterns for rectangular tile are also sometimes called broke joints.


Since I'm using 12x24 inch tiles (found at the same store I found my dark laminate, Floor & Decor Outlets), it just makes sense to have a staggered pattern on the floor.  For the moment, I haven't yet convinced myself whether I want to put them parallel to the tub or parallel to the door.  I think the tub direction may be easier to install (and let's face it, easier is almost always better when you're DIYing alone), but I'm not quite there yet.  Feel free to give your own opinions.  Would you choose the tub (the direction you see in the pic above), or the door (where I was standing when I took this picture)?  Keep in mind that the vanity and toilet are going back against the right wall where they were before.

For one, I'll need to saw underneath the door jambs again, just like I had waaaay back when the laminate floors were first installed (if you're new around this site, read this post afterward to get caught up).  Only this time, I'll just use a hand saw rather than an electrical jamb saw (though it's plenty of fun to use).

There are just a few other things to take care of, but I couldn't wait any longer to do a dry fit.  And another thing I learned?  There really isn't much to dry fit in a bathroom this small!


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