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How Do You Like Them Apples?

By DIYnot on Nov 14, 2011


Remember last summer when I put socks on our apples?  No?  Maybe you’ll remember how I modeled them after Bodie’s do rags

tumblr_l4acgnszxl1qzjxei.jpg  tumblr_l4abl6SvGb1qzjxei.jpg

Anyway, I liked that solution so much that I did it again this year.  We ended up with a few good sized apples from the columnar apple tree in the back yard.  The socks did a great job of protecting them from insects; they didn’t have any blemishes or bugs inside (always appreciated).  They were crisp and delicious too.


The socks also created interesting patterns on the apple skins.  It appears that areas exposed to some sunlight turned red, while shaded areas stayed green.  The star burst pattern is from where the stocking was gathered into a knot.  You can even see the weave of the nylon!



I like them apples a lot.  Maybe next year we’ll have a few more.


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