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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

By One House One Couple on Mar 02, 2012

So we attacked the mirror situation pretty fast because it wasn’t hard to do. I decided I wanted a big mirror that took up almost all the space in front of the vanity. So we went to home depot and got a plain mirror. We got some trim to go around it. We chose a simple white frame. Kyle glued the mirror on and I put up the trim.

Don’t mind all the smudges and water drops. We took this pic before we cleaned the mirror! lol!

We also put up the toilet paper holder (along with the TP of course) and a towel holder by the sink. Some dust in the air from Kyle mixing mortar for the shower tiling job.

Remember how I told you we put dimmer switches in the bathroom (which I love)? Well, we have the lighting on dim, so you can feel the vibe.

Kyle also began tiling the shower.

More shower progress the next day:

So what’s left to work on in this bathroom?

  • Clean the dang mirror
  • Floor moulding
  • Window trim
  • Finish tiling the shower
  • Grout the shower tiles (and grout sealer)
  • Install the shower head and controls
  • Install the shower doors
  • Change the bathroom doorknob

So what do you guys think? Are you liking the progress and the process of our master bathroom journey?

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