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My Bathroom: A HUGE Work in Progress

By Crafty Scrappy Happy on Jun 06, 2012
Hey guys!  I have been crazy with my house renovations.  I never thought that blogging about these renovations and even simple makeovers would be so hard.  I have tried to push myself to share “during” photos… but I find myself not wanting to…

because I don’t have an AFTER photo to share with you yet… and that is hard.  It is hard to see not one not two but 6 spaces under construction….  I can’t wait for the “pretty parts” of the makeovers, BUT I WANT to share the during photos and experiences as well!  And , I have accepted that I need to embrace progress, big or small.  And so I will share the REAL experiences with re-modeling a huge chunk of my new house within the first 3 weeks of moving in.

{Which is something I would NOT recommend to anyone who loves a simple, orderly life…because there is just simply not a way that you can maintain order when your world is in this much chaos!}

Anyways, here is the official before and during tour of my bathroom.

And I promise that I will be better about sharing more spaces with you guys in their “during” phase!

Just know that I can HARDLY wait to start showing you AFTER photos!!!

Ohh and beware—these are NOT great photos…


Okay guys, here are the before shots with all of the past owners things.

And I don’t think you could even imagine the hours it took just to get to this next step—

the dreaded “during” phase.

But wow what an amazing look… just with no wallpaper and primer times about 3 coats here!

The next phase is a great phase—it is what I call the just add color phase!

and even if small progress still means that there are about a million other projects that still need to be tackled…

at least there is progress in some places and spaces!


{Any suggestions on door color?!  I can’t choose for the life of me…but I really want to do something fun!}

ANDDD as of just a few days ago…. my bathroom is “livable” again.

It is now waiting on lighting, a new mirror, and trim!

Ohhh and boy ohhh boy would I LOVE a towel rack!

So there you have it…. my progress post #1.

Nothing spectacular….

but you have to understand this is only one of 6 rooms that are currently under construction!

And I can’t wait to show you each and ever single one starting today!  Stay tuned.  You will meet my rooms in the very near future!

And I also really want to say—-

Thank you always for your support throughout this process.  You guys mean so much to me.

PS if you are wondering what I am seeing in this room….

well here are my thoughts!!!


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