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Our House Exterior (in June 2009)

By One House One Couple on Mar 07, 2012

One day I took some pictures of the outside of our house. This gives you a good idea of how much outside work we had done on the house so far: None.

I was dreaming about transforming our house from a cottage-y type house to a more craftsman style house, so I originally took these pictures of our house to edit them and see what would need to be done to make our house have a more craftsman style. We ended up nixing the idea when we realized we were just going to sell the house, because if you’re going to sell a house, you really just have to do the bare minumum and make the house function properly and look good. You don’t have to drastically change the style of the house.

So, here’s what the house looked like on June 1, 2009.

After living through one winter, with all the rain, the weeds in the planter grew and grew. And we didn’t chop them down or anything. We just let them grow. We were busy doing work inside. We just were not concerned with the outside of the house while the inside was in shambles. We figured we spend a lot more time inside (so why not fix that up first?), and only really saw the outside of our house when returning home from work each day.

Once the rain stopped, the weeds died and ended up looking like that. (really dreadful, if you ask me!)

With all the rain we got that winter, the roof of the pantry was leaking bad.

Here’s a horrible picture of the pantry leaking, with bowls everywhere:

As I said, it’s a horrible picture. You can barely tell what’s happening at all. Well, you can see the bowls with dirty water filling up, and there are other bowls placed around the floor collecting water from different drips coming from the ceiling. There was water dripping down almost every are of all the walls in the pantry. It was really bad.

So Kyle put a tarp on the roof. That helped. We didn’t have big leaks anymore. However, little did we know, water was still seeping in through the roof, just not in large quantities like before. So nothing was getting through the drywall anymore. Later, the drywall would fall down over the fridge after collecting way too much water after however many years that had been happening. We’ll talk more about that when the time comes. But for now, you can see the tarp Kyle put up to protect our pantry from being flooded:

And here are some random pictures of the side of our house. You can kind of see our strange neighbor’s back deck. You can’t really see how strange it all was, but believe me, strange stuff goes on over there…

Well, there’s the mini tour of some of the outside of our house at this point. Can’t wait to show you the transformation. That comes much later. We pretty much saved the outside for very last. Although, we did do some outdoor upkeep work after this moment in time, which is good because that was just very very bad.

Do you sometimes let your weeds just grow because it’s such a hassle you know they’re just going to grow back? Or are you the type of person that keeps a nice and tidy yard, nipping it in the bud? It takes a lot of work, but when you just do a little bit each week, it’s not overwhelming that way…

What about neighbors? Do you secretly have any neighbors who you wish lived in a different neighborhood, or made you wish that YOU live in a different neighborhood?

Ever deal with a leaky roof? It’s the worst. (You know how people say “It’s the worst,” and we all know it’s not REALLY the worst, but you know what they mean by that? yeah…)

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