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Paris Grey & King Gold Gilding Wax

By Stylish Patina on Aug 01, 2012

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I really wish I had taken a before of this dresser but in usual form I was running late and needed to get it finished to put in the shop and forgot to snap the before {darn it!}.  This adorable little dresser had these amazing key holes…







…and carved wood handles…






…that I just fell in love with!  So when I was looking at the dresser and imaging all the things I could do to it I just kept coming back to these two really amazing elements.  I thought about going funky and doing Antibes Green and heavily distressing it for a cool rustic look but I kept being drawn to accenting these elements in a classy way.

My final formula ended us being pretty generic.  I used a light coat of old white focusing on the handles and edges and then I used Paris Grey.  After distressing & waxing the fun started to happen…gilding wax!  I just LOVE this stuff, I think it’s my new favorite toy.

I chose the King Gold color and initially was applying it with a little cheese cloth over my finger but eventually I ditched the cheese cloth and just applied it with my bare finger {I know professional ..right:-}.  But hey it worked and I love it.  I accented the edges of the top, the handles and the key holes.  I used such a small amount of the gilding wax, I’m telling you that stuff goes far!  If you get a little too much in one area you can take a bit of clear wax and blend it in:-)  So here she is….



This is a great example of how you can take a piece that is intended to be more “country” and really transform it into something unexpected with a little vision.

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