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Painting Ideas for a Quirky Feature Wall

By HomeCentrl on Aug 30, 2012

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A feature wall is a great way to bring character to a room and can be a fun DIY project.
Here are two ideas for a quirky alternative to a traditional feature wall in your home.
Make sure you prepare your wall correctly before painting, for a guide click here.

Idea one: A striped feature wall
A striped feature wall looks difficult to paint but with a few tools it can be very easy.
1. Plan your wall. Vertical stripes create the illusion of a high ceiling and are on-trend. You can have even-width stripes along the length of the wall, or opt for an uneven pattern.
2.  Choose your colours. The colours need to complement each other and the rest of the space. A vintage room would suit a light grey and white striped wall. A maritime themed room could have a navy blue and white wall, whereas a play room can have bright rainbow colours.
3. Paint the entire wall first in the lighter colour. If you are doing a rainbow wall just paint the wall with a primer. This process can be done using a roller and small triangular brush for the edges.
4. Once dry (wait 24 hours) mark out your stripes. Any paint store will have an edging tape usually used to protect windows and skirting boards. Use this to mark out your stripes. Use a tape measure to ensure all stripes are the same width and a spirit level to keep them straight.
5. Wait until dry and remove your tape to reveal the finished product.

Idea two: A motif
A motif can feature any design or pattern you choose. The easiest way to create a wall motif is to use a stencil. These can be purchased from a paint store or you can download them. Start by painting the wall one colour then stencilling your pattern over the top in another colour. Here are some tips to help:
1. Choose a stencil which requires little alignment and gives you the freedom to use your eye rather than measuring tools to apply it.
2. A metallic paint for an ornate stencil will give a luxury look.
3. A modern stencil can be spray painted instead for an edgier and unpolished finish.
4. Larger stencils should be kept to a minimum for best visual effect.
5. Sticking the stencil in place will help you get the best finish.
6. Always apply the same amount of paint to your brush each time you do a new stencil because otherwise some will be darker than others.

Stencils can be really quirky, for example use a knife and fork stencil in the kitchen, or a rain cloud in the bathroom. For those who like the motif look but don’t have time to paint an entire wall there is a way to cheat. Wall stickers can be applied by hand and transform a wall within minutes. Stickers will not last as long as a stencilled wall but look just as effective.

By Jessica Brown who writes about DIY projects, home improvement, decorating and eco-friendly living for
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