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Repainting Framed Artwork

By Our Home from Scratch on Jun 19, 2012

Hey friends!

Over the weekend I did a little project that has been on my mind for over two years! When I knew we were moving I tried by hardest NOT to buy a lot of decorating items before we moved because I didn’t want extra boxes to move from one house to the other.

One purchase I did make was this bathroom framed artwork from HomeGoods. If you have ever shopped at HomeGoods, or Marshalls, or TJMaxx, then you know if you see something you like you have to purchase it then because it won’t be there next week!

The photo makes the accent colors look more blue than in real life. I have a lot of jade accented throughout the house and this artwork matches great.

I haven’t done much with the powder room where this is hanging. We still have white walls but I did buy matching handtowels. This frame is hanging over the toilet. You all know what a toilet looks like, so I opted to crop it out.

So onto how I painted this guy…

I removed the picture from the wall and noticed that there was brown paper covering the back. I was planning on taping the framed picture as is and painting it, but John convinced me to take the frame apart. I used a box cutter to remove the paper and a flathead screwdriver to remove the staples. (Bonus: made in the USA! woohoo)

I cut a trashbag to cover my table where I was painting and used some tiles to keep the frame elevated while I painted.

The two cans you see in the picture? They are the remaining primer and paint from when my mom repainted furniture for our living room – thanks, Mom!

I put on three coats of the primer (not knowing it was the primer) and one coat of paint. I could tell we had used the primer as paint when John used the real paint as touch-up and it was much glossier than the rest of the frame.

After the paint was completely dried, I used white caulk to seal up the back.

I let that dry overnight, and hung up the frame in the morning.

I am really so happy that I finally got around to painting this frame! I can’t wait to paint the wall so the picture really stands out.

What do you think? Do you ever buy something knowing your going to change it up?

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