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From the Community: Repurposing the Fire Pit

By Top This Top That on Jun 24, 2013

Well, after 3 years of collecting mosquito larva on the back patio, I thought it was about time to make some use out of a metal fire bowl that I had bought before we installed our stone fire pit.





After hosing it off, I gave a quick coat of spray paint (Eden) to the outside of the bowl and sprayed only a couple of inches inside the bowl since it would be covered with dirt and mulch.


The bowl already had a hole on the bottom that would be suitable for drainage. After filling the bowl with some potting soil, I planted some petunias and lantana, perfect for my sunny deck.


I topped it off with some mini pine bark mulch, sprinkled some water and my new flower bowl was ready for summer.


And ironically sits right next to the real fire pit.


Some things are just meant to be.


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