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Engineered Roof Trusses

By HomeCentrl on Dec 05, 2011
I must admit that it has been quite some time since I actually framed a roof from scratch. I have done some small projects and made my own but overall I order trusses that are made exactly to what I need. These engineered trusses are made exactly to what is required by code and to the size and dimensions that I need.


The two photos above show some of the varying styles that can be made to fit just about any project.

One of the benefits of ordering engineered trusses is that they are Engineered. There is no guess work to their strength and reliability. If I am building and snow loads are a factor they will be built to that code and strength. No guessing.

Another benefit to using roof trusses is the lack of wasting building materials. The factory where the truss is designed knows exactly what amounts and sizing of wood to use in order to be efficient as possible. You can do a fairly good job if you've designed roofs for a while but they are far better at it as waste impacts their bottom line. 


Trusses can also be used for attic spaces above garages and for some apartments above a garage as is shown above. There are limitations though as trusses are engineered and should not be re-adapted because you will have in effect decreased their strength. It's best to design you intend use first vs adapt them to work later.

One of the greatest benefits to using engineered trusses is the speed that you will be able to install your roof. An average truss roof with a few people and a crane cane easily install what is needed for a residential roof in a day. At the point is it ready to sheath and apply your choice of roof coverings.

Another tool that I use now is:


Gone are the days of nailing 2x4's across the roof trusses to hold them together at the right spacing until the sheathing is attached. They are easy to use and re-usable for years to come. If you don't use these yet I would suggest you look into them. They are offered in 16" and 24" O.C spacings.  I also use them for floor framing/spacing too.

Framing a roof has come a long way and using engineered trusses for a new building or remodeling project combined with the Truslock tool just makes the job easier, faster and you more efficient.

Happy Framing and remember- Time is money so be as efficient as you can.

Note: I have no affliliation with any of the companies of products mentioned.



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