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Saving the Life of Your Hardwoods

By Top This Top That on Apr 08, 2013

I know, I know.... Hardwood floors. Boooorinnnngggg.

Not a subject that we talk about frequently, but one that needs attention from time to time.


If you don't fall into the category of having hardwood floors, are getting hardwood floors in your future or are a guru of home cleaning tips, you must know someone who has hardwoods and would benefit from thisinformation And if hardwoods still don't excite you, (for shame) perhaps my Spring Inspiration Board on Pinterest would here.

Back to exciting floors. For the record, I am not a flooring professional nor did I take flooring 101 in college, or am I being endorsed for my thoughts, but being the rightful owner and installer ( well actually my better half did the installation) of a house full in lots of square feet of hardwood, I think I am qualified to share an opinion or two.


I love my hardwood floors. Iactuallyhave 5 inch #2 oak planks, which means they are in the second run when being processed through the mill. I wanted the #2 wood. I wanted them to have the knots, the holes and all the imperfections, but over the years they have lost a bit of their luster and shine.


With pink big wheels and roller skates buzzing around on these floors, I will from time to time freshen them up with a product called reviver. I wanted to share a quick demonstration of how it works so you can stop abusing your hardwoods too!

First, clean your floors with whatever method you use. I generallyvacuumand then use my Shark Steamer to clean the floors.


After your floors are dry, you are ready to use your reviver product. You will also need a soft lambs wool floor applicator. I picked my reviver product and brush up at Home Depot in the flooring section. I attached the applicator to a broom handle that I already had.


You can follow the very small instructions on the back of the bottleor simply spread the product in a "S" shape on the floor and mop into your wood. It is important to use smooth even coats in the same direction when applying to your floors.


After my first coat dried I applied a second coat using the same process. Here's a pic of the finished floor with two coats of reviver.


At some point I will have to think about re-sanding and re-staining but for now, I am totallysatisfied with the renewed luster and shine and.....



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