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Support Your Local Kitchen Counter

By on Jun 20, 2012

When our granite was being installed, the granite guys had a bit of an accident and we ended up with a crack in our island.


Nah, neither can I.  They did a good job of fixing it.  However, since we’ve got some decent overhang, they suggested we add some support so the crack wouldn’t get worse over time.

Enter D and his fancy pants idea.

Not that he was wearing very fancy pants.

We had some extra cedar laying around, so he cut three posts.  One for each end, and a third in the middle near the fault line.

Then to distribute the weight throughout a bit better, he “ripped” a couple boards to affix to the counter itself, as well as the posts.

A pretty simple fix that could potentially save us thousands later.

I love how it turned out.  It fits the kitchen perfectly.


Now if I could just find some bar stools!



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