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The BARN Project

By The Olde Farmhouse on Windmill Hill on Sep 28, 2012

Most (or all) of the posts I write are house or house related projects. So today, I thought I'd share a project DH has been working on for the past few weeks; painting the barn.

I neglected to take 'before' pictures but these are some pictures I shot this morning of 'during'. The barn was white (but very weathered) and DH took a wire wheel grinder to the WHOLE THING. Yes, he's tenacious like that. I mean that in a good way! It took him HOURS and HOURS of standing in the bucket of a the bucket truck moving his arms up and down, over and over again. I would have gotten sick of it and given up LONG before I was done but not him. (One of the many reasons why he's MY man.) So these pictures show the barn in it's 'stripped' condition. Today he is priming it so hopefully I will have some 'after' pictures to show you soon.

I couldn't help but include this 'distant' shot with the windmill in the foreground.

This is the end of the barn that faces the house. DH is planning to remove the spouting and
Yours Truly is thinking that a huge lighted star needs to go on the end for the holiday season. :)

This is the "road" side of the barn so this is the best shot I could get without going into the pasture (which is very muddy right now.)

This is the 'driveway' side of the barn. 

And this is the 'shop' end of the barn.
(Please try not to notice that I haven't gotten any further on the bathtub since July.)

So there you have it. Want to guess what color we are painting it? (Since it's his barn, DH chose the color.)

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