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The Search for the Perfect Headboard

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on Nov 30, 2012
Searching for the "perfect" headboard, where we live, is virtually impossible. If you forgot, we're way up here in Northern Ontario. It's not so far North that we live in igloos, but it's far enough North that there are a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y no fun stores to shop at.

Ikea? No.
Pottery Barn? No.
Crate and Barrel? No.
Antique markets? No.
Any other cool furniture stores? No.

The bed frame that we currently have is the Noresund model from Ikea. It's a dark brown, metal frame with swirlies on it that I actually still don't mind. We were in no rush to get a new headboard or bed frame. That is, until we ordered a MAGNIFICENT, GIANT, KING-SIZED BED. Sorry about the caps. I'm a wee bit excited.

{T-minus 4 days until delivery.}

Over the years I've shopped around for the perfect bed. Since I suffer from a major disorder called 'picky-itis' I only seem to like two bed styles: white painted wood or metal. 

There are a few beautiful beds from Pottery Barn that I ogle at every once in awhile but they are a) way too pricey and b) yellowy cream not white. 

Here are two cottage-y styles that I really like:

Source - Pottery Barn

Source - Pottery Barn

However, since our bed is centered in between the two windows in the bedroom, either one of those chunky wooden bed frames would block the windows and prevent much needed and much loved natural light from coming into the room. Especially once we get our new KING SIZE. Ooops, I did it again. (Hi, Britney!)


So after ordering our new mattress set on the weekend, we were in a bit of a rush to choose a new headboard. We contemplated making the 4 hour drive down to Ikea to get another inexpensive metal bedframe (the Leirvik one to be exact) but road trips are tricky with a baby and two dogs and thousands of Christmas presents still to shop for.

So, while we were in the mattress store, which shall remain nameless for now (dun dun dun) I asked the saleslady if they had any white metal headboards. I was skeptical but we were desperate.

Note: We decided to only get a headboard this time, rather than a headboard/footboard combo to make the room seem more open. It's pretty small and there ain't gonna be much room once that giant bed is in there. (Ahhhhhhh, giant bed with no dogs breathing on me, giant bed with no baby pinching me, giant bed with no husband's-stinky-feet touching me.)

The saleslady told me that they didn't have any white metal beds but they did have a white painted wood one. I was even more skeptical. There was just NO WAY that a department store would have a white (not cream) bed frame that was chunky, cottage-y, and that would have some sort of open section to let light through.

That's when I saw it. And I liked it. I really, actually liked it. And it was on sale for an awesome price because of Black Friday specials. And it was white (crisp white!!!!). And it had an open back. And it had an option for just a headboard.

Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance.

Now here is the part where I tell you where we bought it from and then you laugh at me.

Are you ready for this????


I'm not sure about you but when I think of Sears furniture I always think of matchy-matchy oak bedroom sets.

Don't worry, no oak this time. I think I've stalled long enough. Here's the headboard that we picked:

Well.......... you likey?


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