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The Wood Whisperer

By DIYnot on Mar 13, 2012

Recently I was exploring our Tivo’s perk of offering podcast like content.  The quality is excellent and this show, The Wood Whisperer, was a real find.  I have at least two friends who I consider to be fine wood workers, one professionally, the other as a hobbyist; I don’t at all consider myself to be in even near to having such a level of skill.  I’m more of the “see nail, pound it” ilk but as I delve deeper into our projects I’m seeing that one day I’m might step into the light.  Until then, this show (and of course, Tom Silva and Noam of This Old House), are drawing me closer.

Trimming out our windows and building the mantle were baby steps for me.  Sometimes I feel like I’m speaking first year spanish when it comes to woodworking/carpentry terminology so tonight I decided to solidify a few vocab words.  Here’s the back of one of my GTD hipster pocketbook notecard drawings that I filled in the blanks on:


And here is the Anatomy of Window Trim drawing (from This Old House) that taught me what words I was actually looking for:

Anatomy of Window Trim, source: This Old House


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