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What I Hate Most About Our Home's Exterior

By Cozy.Cottage.Cute. on Mar 15, 2013


In all my dreamy dreams of the perfect home, never once did I imagine a house clad with orange brick.

Uhhh, yeah. Our house has orange brick. Every time I look at it I cringe. Considering I come in and out of the house an average of a few times a day, that adds up to a lot of cringing.

I love my house, my yard, my street. The house still has so much potential. But as much as I've tried to live with the exterior brick, I still hate it.

Hate. It.

Our street is kind of funny in that there are about six different house styles. There are also about six different kinds, and colors, of brick used randomly on each of the houses. I'm not lying when I say that the quality of the orange brick that was used on our house (and two other houses on the street) is the worst out of all of them!

The other homes (with the nice brick) have stood the test of time and are in almost immaculate condition. Unfortunately the few homes that have our brick have not held up over their 60+ years of life. For some reason the orange brick leaches out this white powdery stuff that makes it look like there are stains all over the house. Don't believe me? Here's a picture:


Trust me when I say that I've scrubbed and scraped the stains with all kinds of cleaners and solutions. With no luck.

The other day Alex and I were driving along and ended up taking a different route than usual. We ended up in another part of the city with homes equally as old as ours, if not older. A few of the old brick homes had been recently painted. I casually commented on how nice they looked and was pleasantly surprised when Alex agreed.

After dropping hints here and there for over a week I finally got the courage to ask the question that has been burning up my insides for over six years.

"Aleeeeeex, honey dearest, would you ever consider painting the exterior of our house?"

The silence that followed was possibly one of the longest moments of my life. (Okay so I'm being a bit dramatic.)

But do you know what he said?!?!

"I'll think about it."


Obviously I've been googling and pinteresting images of painted brick homes.

I'm a bit obsessed with grey exteriors at the moment, so here is my little inspiration collage. Let's pretend that my house is also a giant mansion.

I'm way too lazy to source all of these pictures.Um, just go on Pinterest and search 'grey exterior', heh heh.

Dreamy, right? Just the idea of having a non-orange house is making me super giddy. It's a great day.



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