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Amy McCarter

We built a home using as many reclaimed materials as possible, to make our new home look old. We hope you'll stop by our rustic dream!

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Paint It Black

By Amy McCarter on Apr 09, 2012

Slowly, but surely, we are inching our way toward a livable house. D worked on it all weekend.  And I mean literally all weekend.  Even on Easter.  So we fudged this year, and skipped church... Continue reading


A Green Thumb, I Hope

By Amy McCarter on Mar 21, 2012

For reasons beyond my own comprehension, I’ve felt compelled to start a garden at the new house. I’m not a gardener.  I’m not overly concerned with organics.  I don’t like bugs or being hot.  In... Continue reading

kitchen, repurposing

Exciting Times: Kitchen Design & Architectural Salvage

By Amy McCarter on Mar 19, 2012

It is so much fun going to the house now, because every time I do, something new and exciting has happened. D found these doors on Craigslist.  They were salvaged out of a country club... Continue reading

lighting, diy

DIY Pendant Light

By Amy McCarter on Mar 12, 2012

I took some really nice pictures of all the progress at the house.  Then I didn’t upload them.  So I’m going to really quickly show you the pendant lights D has been working on for... Continue reading