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Slow Luxe Life

Andrea May

Designer, Andrea May's passion is Slow Luxe Design—creating inheritable spaces that tell the stories of the people who live there and the artisans who created them, that honor the beauty of authentic, handcrafted objects and that support local communities. Slow Luxe Design celebrates the luxury of locally handcrafted products, thoughtful custom detailing and carefully selected vintage and antique objects. Slow Design is to the home what Slow Food was to the plate: It's about mindfully choosing high quality, local, sustainable objects for the home.

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The Best Design Advice You’ll Ever Get?

By Andrea May on Apr 25, 2012

I just read my latest issue of House Beautiful, as I do every month–cover to cover. And this month it features an impeccably decorated New York prewar apartment by one of my personal favorites, Suzanne... Continue reading


Inheritability Is Sustainability

By Andrea May on Apr 22, 2012

It’s Earth Day, which means it’s a day to think about how our choices affect this big beautiful place we call home: our planet. And for me, that ultimately comes down to Slow Luxe Design.... Continue reading