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Becky Golino

I’m Becky, an interior designer and mother of two living in Los Angeles. Deluxe is where I share insider tips, resources and inspiration to help you decorate like a pro and make your home your happy place.

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walls, interior design

Cork Walls

By Becky Golino on Mar 12, 2013

Miles Redd Cork walls are a super stylish way to add some texture, interest, and warmth to a room. Cork is not only environmentally friendly and sustainable, but it's also good for soundproofing and, of... Continue reading


Good to Know: Espaliered Fruit Trees

By Becky Golino on Mar 06, 2013

I went on an outing to Descanso Gardens​ with the family a few days ago. The Camellias were in bloom; thousands of them, much to my delight, and cherry blossoms had taken over the Japanese... Continue reading


Great Spaces: Bubble House

By Becky Golino on Feb 26, 2013

​Don't you just love it? The Bubble House, or Palais Bulles, is located near Cannes, on the French Riviera. Designed by architect Annti Lovag, it was sold to fashion designer Pierre Cardin in 1989. Cardin... Continue reading

decor, color

Emerald Green Inspiration

By Becky Golino on Jan 21, 2013

Every year Pantone declares a "color of the year." While it's not a good idea to follow short-lived trends in decorating, and color preferences are deeply personal and can't be dictated by a company, it's... Continue reading

decor, diy, seasonal

Decorative Pine Cones

By Becky Golino on Dec 22, 2012

Pine cones are winter gifts from nature, a simple, pretty object to decorate a house that literally grows on trees. What could be better? Adding a bit of shimmer to the tip of each scale... Continue reading


Chunky Knits

By Becky Golino on Dec 18, 2012

'Tis the season to be warm and cozy, and chunky knitted blankets, pillows, and poufs fit the bill perfectly. Here are a few of my favorites. As a knitter, I especially love the handmade goods;... Continue reading


The Messy Closet

By Becky Golino on Nov 12, 2012

My house has some good qualities, but unfortunately storage isn't one of them. We're cursed with minimal closet space, no basement and no attic. We do have one large closet, which until recently was aptly... Continue reading

interior design, products

Hardware 101

By Becky Golino on Oct 10, 2012

Swapping out old hardware is a simple, inexpensive way to update furniture and built in cabinets, or to dress up a flea market find. There's a sea of hardware out there, and it helps to... Continue reading

furniture, diy

Hacking Ikea

By Becky Golino on Oct 08, 2012

We made a quick family trip to Ikea this weekend for a new easel and some meatballs (seriously). I hadn't been for a while, and it struck me that the appealing, and sometimes overwhelming thing... Continue reading

architecture, architectural history

Doris Duke's Shangri La

By Becky Golino on Oct 03, 2012

Tobacco heiress, art collector and philanthropist Doris Duke created her glorious Honolulu retreat, Shangri La, in 1935 after traveling the world on her honeymoon with first husband, James Cromwell. The estate is filled with art... Continue reading