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diy, seasonal, repurposing

Holiday DIY: A Re-Purposed Christmas Tree

By Cristina on Dec 09, 2013

A Re-purposed Christmas Tree The other day I was reading a post by my friend Vel about collections, I fell in love with her pretty books and brass apple collections. Then I pause to think... Continue reading

diy, trim & molding, windows, installation

How To: Install Trim on a Double Window

By Cristina on Aug 19, 2013

f My dining room makeover was done a couple of months ago. It began with a pair of painted chairs and ended up with a whole room face-lift. The window trim was the second project... Continue reading


Driving Screws into Tough Wood

By Cristina on Jan 11, 2013

Last weekend I began working on one more project for the master bedroom—some beams on the ceiling. After some consideration and looking for options on how to install them, I ended up with two alternatives:... Continue reading


Ceiling Water Stain Removal

By Cristina on Jan 04, 2013

Water, water, water! Who doesn't need water? Who doesn't love water? Water is life, that's for sure, but when water gets in our way, and not in the right way, it's simply annoying! Water came... Continue reading

lighting, diy

IKEA Lighting Hack

By Cristina on Nov 10, 2012

I've been really busy, Thanksgiving day is around the corner, Christmas time is quickly approaching, and all the things that go around the household add up to me being that busy!  Yesterday I was taking... Continue reading

decor, repurposing, diy

DIY Reclaimed Wood Mirror Frame

By Cristina on Oct 28, 2012

My kids enjoyed their playground for many years,  but they hadn't been using it much, they kind of outgrown it, I think.   Last time they try to use the swing, it broke!   Hubby... Continue reading


Halloween Porches

By Cristina on Oct 25, 2012

I went on a walk to spy all the Halloween decor going on around my neighborhood. I don't buy that many Halloween decorations, since my husband doesn't like them, he can have nightmares if  I place... Continue reading


Fall Bookcases

By Cristina on Oct 15, 2012

The last time I showed you my bookcases they looked like this: I like them kind of plain, not too much stuff in there, white is perfectly fine with me, but I love to see white bookcases where... Continue reading

crown moulding added to top of bookcases

Adding Crown Moulding to the Top of Bookcases

By Cristina on Oct 08, 2012

I'm still working on my daughter's bedroom, this time the bookcase. A long time ago I asked my brother-in-law, Stanley, to make this shelf with lots of storage compartments to create a build-in desk area for... Continue reading


Diy Window Bench

By Cristina on Oct 01, 2012

One of the things in the long list my daughter wanted to have in her new room design was a window seat or window bench. It isn't a big room, but with two windows, it... Continue reading