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Donna Michaels

I'm a Jill of All Trades and a master of some...a mom to four and a wife to one. A lab experiment went seriously wrong when combining Tim the Toolman and Donna Reed DNA.

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diy, doors, repair

DIY Tales: Repairing Solid Wood Doors

By Donna Michaels on Mar 08, 2014

If you have ever experienced solid hardwood doors, you know they can’t be beat in comparison to hollow doors. They really are more quiet, absolutely more sturdy, and if given the choice most people would... Continue reading

diy, furniture, bathroom

DIY Tales: DIY Bathroom Vanity

By Donna Michaels on Feb 23, 2014

Where to begin on this one…. There was a bathroom vanity in my house that HAD to come out. Was it ugly? Not really. Was it too small? A little…but it wasn’t a big deal.... Continue reading

diy, paint, furniture

Easy DIY: How to Paint a Coffee Table

By Donna Michaels on Jan 19, 2014

When I was younger, a big mistake I made was assuming I couldn’t decorate my home nicely due to funds. It struck me most recently that I never even really tried. I spent years raising... Continue reading