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13 Amazing Home Theaters

By Eric Evdo on Oct 01, 2013

Any of us can put together a home theater, but it takes cash, vision, and a lot of desire to design, construct, and enjoy this series of 13 Amazing Home Theaters. The theaters stand apart... Continue reading

diy, storage

Make Your Own DIY Vintage Suitcase Shelves

By Eric Evdo on Jun 05, 2013

What a cool idea! Imagine how much extra storage you get by using suitcases for shelves. You can grab used suitcases from your local second-hand store and mount them to your walls to make incredible... Continue reading

furniture, storage

Store Anything with This Jaw-Dropping Quad Shelving Unit

By Eric Evdo on May 08, 2013

When I first saw the Quad Shelving Unit by Nauris Kalinauskas, only one question ripped through my mind. Why is it called the Quad? I kept looking harder and harder trying to figure out how... Continue reading


Australian Penthouse Brings Modern Design to the Top Floor

By Eric Evdo on May 01, 2013

Long, luxurious, and lavish are three words that immediately come to mind when you see the Coppin Penthouse designed by JAM Architects. Standing high above the street of Victoria, Australia, this penthouse is ready to... Continue reading

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The Super Effective Shovel that Will Change a Gardener's Life

By Eric Evdo on Apr 30, 2013

It is gardening time. The ground is packed hard, solid, impenetrable from the long winter. You need a shovel that can cut through the dirt, not figuratively, but literally. The All-Steel Super Penetration Shovel from... Continue reading


LEGO Victorian Houses Are Spookily Realistic

By Eric Evdo on Apr 25, 2013

Mike Doyle is to Lego what Michelangelo was to paint. Mike Doyle takes these tiny snappable toys and creates artistic masterpieces that blow your mind. In this series of creations Mike took his inspiration from... Continue reading


Spectacular Cliffside Cabin Stands Out from the Chilean Coast

By Eric Evdo on Apr 17, 2013

WMR Architects in Chile have created a true masterpiece with their Tres Hermanos Cabin in Mantazas, Chile. The cabin hugs a cliff and looks down on the ocean crashing onto the shore below. WMR created... Continue reading


Coastal Canadian Home Inspired by Shipbuilding

By Eric Evdo on Apr 15, 2013

You can just hear the designers in the planning room thinking aloud, “Let us take a couple of boxes, throw them up on the shore, and see what happens.” Another designer mumbles, ‘That plan is... Continue reading


One-of-a-Kind Beach Getaway Boasts Stunning Views and Architecture

By Eric Evdo on Apr 12, 2013

Hornung and Jacobi faced a unique challenge when they accepted the commission to build a getaway home on the beach. The site was located behind a beachfront sidewalk with a large stone wall that would... Continue reading