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Southern Revivals

Jamie Lott

Saving the vintage, neglected and discarded one DIY at a time. Because t's wonderful to have a second chance at life. Even for furniture.

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DIY Tales: Repurposing an Old Chest of Drawers

By Jamie Lott on Apr 07, 2014

I’ve been keeping a really fun secret! When my SIL asked me to turn this Entertainment Center into a Play Kitchen for my niece, she also told me she wished we could do a play... Continue reading


Before and After: $500 Master Bedroom Makeover

By Jamie Lott on Mar 14, 2014

Friends, can we talk for just a minute about how glad I am that one of the perhaps unspoken rules of blogging is that you must post your beauty shot first. Thank the good Lord... Continue reading

diy, repurposing

DIY Tales: Repurposed Metal Headboard Bench

By Jamie Lott on Sep 19, 2013

I have wanted to build a repurposed antique metal headboard bench for more years than I can remember. In fact, I have had the picture below saved to my phone so long I can't even... Continue reading

diy, seasonal

DIY Tales: Halloween Skeleton Skull Chair

By Jamie Lott on Oct 18, 2013

Presumably it was found sitting outside. Like forever. I was convinced I could do something with it. But then, every time I looked at it I noticed something else about it that made it unusable.... Continue reading