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John Shaw-Rimmington

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interior design

Sheep Huts on Menorca

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Apr 03, 2012

It was surprising to see that the insides of several of the baraccas on Menorca were formed with large stones that were cut 'squarish', having ashlar surfaces and that a lot of attention had be paid... Continue reading

Quarry Garden

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 31, 2012 We visited S´Hostal  yesterday which is a fascinating sandstone quarry located 1km from the centre of Ciutadella on the east side of the island of Menorca.  Quarrying began over two hundred years ago here... Continue reading

Polygonal Style Stonework

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 29, 2012

We travelled today in Mallorca from Deia to Lluc by bus. It was thrilling ride accented by hundreds of terraced walls, towering rock faces, tunnels and scenic vistas of the valley The whole way we... Continue reading

Faux Dry Stone

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 23, 2012

It was gratifying to finish up all the inside stonework at the new house we are working at this month. We cleaned up Thursday afternoon. All we have to do now is the chimney. Oh... Continue reading

landscaping, walls

A Tree for All Seasons

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 21, 2012

The Kerry Landman Memorial Tree  was completed yesterday afternoon. Jordan Mason and Eric Landman both laboured many days on this fantastic project. A number of their walling friends and family were able to come and help... Continue reading

landscaping, walls

Oblique House

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 19, 2012

Setting the stones so that they were on an oblique angle to the vertical thrust of the Gothic openings in this whimsical greenhouse structure was a technique which perfectly suited the dry stone greenhouse project... Continue reading


Rocktoberfest 2011: The Documentary

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 15, 2012

Rick Palidwor an independent film maker and Manager of Creative Classes for Hart House at the University of Toronto filmed and interviewed many people during the three days of extensive walling activities at the 2011... Continue reading


Andrew Currie's Work (Part 2)

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 06, 2012

The colourful patterned asymmetry of the flora combines with the random design of Andrew's stonework.  To build a wall like this is requires flair and controlled abandon. Andrew's wall has none of the busy look one... Continue reading


Andrew Currie, Dry Stone Waller and Mason

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 05, 2012

Andrew Currie is a 60 year old Scottish dry stone waller and stone mason who lives on a horse farm with his wife Rebecca Currie, raising a breed called 'Canadians' on Salt Spring Island in... Continue reading


Thinking Under Water

By John Shaw-Rimmington on Mar 04, 2012

Some time ago, while working on a dry stone wall project at a cottage up in Port Carling Ontario I experimented with building a free standing stone arch under water.  I gathered about a dozen... Continue reading