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Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh

Kelly & Matt are young homeowners with a passion for DIY. We enjoy getting our hands dirty to build and fix things around the house, grow and make food, and create fun and useful things. We take on new projects armed with little experience, a bit of knowledge gleaned from a variety of resources, sometimes help from friends/neighbors, and always a desire to learn something new and accomplish something we weren't sure we could do.

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electrical, diy

Insulating Electrical Boxes

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Jan 31, 2012

It’s winter.  Put your hand up to an electrical outlet or light switch in an exterior wall.  Do you feel some cold air coming in?  If so, there is a quick and easy solution.  Pick... Continue reading


My Collections of Trinkets

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Dec 30, 2011

Want to add this to my collections of trinkets I’ve added to our fence.  Currently have an old rake, small scythe, old pulley, and address hanger (that has a horse ontop of it).  Next easy... Continue reading

Hole Made Whole

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Dec 21, 2011

For several weeks, we had this mess in our front yard: When we had our natural gas fireplace/heater installed, we said goodbye to the hulking oil furnace formerly occupying about 12 precious square feet out... Continue reading

lighting, electrical

What a Difference a Switch Makes

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Dec 19, 2011

Our living room was kinda dark in the corner where our new corner sofa lives.   We bought this lamp from Ikea because we liked it, it would require no wiring to install, and the... Continue reading

decor, diy

DIY Wreaths

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Dec 01, 2011

1 - from Family Chic blog 2 - MomsGoingGreen blog 3 - Design*Sponge 4 - Design*Sponge 5 - Good Housekeeping 6 - Good Housekeeping 7 - ReadyMade 8 - Family Chic blog 9 - Family... Continue reading


How Do You Like Them Apples?

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Nov 14, 2011

Remember last summer when I put socks on our apples?  No?  Maybe you’ll remember how I modeled them after Bodie’s do rags.     Anyway, I liked that solution so much that I did it again... Continue reading

landscaping, woodworking

Awesome Doghouse

By Kelly & Matt Stumbaugh on Nov 10, 2011

unconsumption: This is just plain awesome. It’s a doghouse, made of reclaimed wood scavenged from Dumpsters with a garden on top. It’s a doghouse with a rooftop garden. “Garden House,” by Kirstin M., was the... Continue reading