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bathroom, tubs & showers

35 Irresistible Bathrooms Boasting a Free-Standing Bathtub

By Melina Divani on Apr 10, 2014

Freestanding bathtubs are quickly becoming a staple of the modern bathroom. Their utility as a centerpiece for a contemporary or antique style bathroom has made them more desirable in recent years. Their versatility will allow... Continue reading

decor, living spaces

Interior Inspiration: 33 Sun Room Decorating Ideas

By Melina Divani on Mar 18, 2014

Who ever said that you need a glorious view to have a nicely decorated sun room? If you like bathing in sunlight while enjoying peace and comfort, you’ll certainly make great use of a sun... Continue reading

decor, living spaces

Interior Inspiration: 10 Tips for a Small Living Room

By Melina Divani on Feb 03, 2014

The living room or family room in most of the new homes is small. There are several things one can do to visually enlarge the small living room. The following tips will help you decorate... Continue reading


Interior Inspiration: 22 Laundry Room Ideas

By Melina Divani on Jan 20, 2014

We spend a significant amount of time in the laundry room doing various things such as scrubbing out stains, pressing clothes and even washing our pets. Having said this, why should we not make this... Continue reading

bathroom, design, decor

20 Bathroom Designs with Vintage Industrial Charm

By Melina Divani on Jan 07, 2014

Every morning when we get up, the bathroom is one of the very first places we visit. Each night after a long day at work, we also want to visit the bathroom in order to... Continue reading

kitchen, decor

18 Stunning Home Bar Areas

By Melina Divani on Dec 30, 2013

Incorporating a bar into your home can allow you to have friends over to celebrate in style. The design of your bar can be formal or contemporary, and the project can be completed by yourself.... Continue reading

living spaces, decor

48 Pretty Living Room Ideas

By Melina Divani on Dec 13, 2013

Every one has a personal style. Sometimes finding your personal decorating style just takes a little work. Articulating your design style is the key to creating a room that really reflects it. Check out these... Continue reading

gardening, decor

5 Best Houseplants for Air Purification

By Melina Divani on Nov 03, 2013

Interior designers have been using potted plants to liven up homes for several years. But green houseplants can also be used to filter and purify the air around us. If you want to start enjoying... Continue reading

decor, living spaces

12 Interesting Dining Room Ideas

By Melina Divani on Oct 21, 2013

If you need fresh inspiration and ideas to decorate and make over your dining area, you should take a close look at these 12 dining room ideas by Z gallerie. You’ll definitely find a couple... Continue reading

decor, paint

Interior Inspiration: Fireplace Color Ideas

By Melina Divani on Oct 16, 2013

If the bricks in your fireplace now have a dark brown color, then it’s overdue for a fireplace makeover. There are several ways to give your fireplace a face-lift. But one of the easiest ways... Continue reading