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Picardy Project

Picardy Project

Chris and I are enjoying the adventure of renovating our first house together. Seeing as every room of the house and nearly the entire exterior will need a facelift, it will be a long process.....

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DIY Tales: Fixing Wood Stain Splotches

By Picardy Project on Oct 22, 2013

So there were splotchy marks on the face frames that I fixed pretty well But then there were other areas that I just stained like shit! Ummm, or just completely forgot about finishing.... Idiot over... Continue reading

diy, doors

Curtains for Closets: DIY "Doors" the Easy Way

By Picardy Project on Sep 03, 2013

It's been a while since I bought the fabric for our curtain "doors" for the hallway closet and our bedroom closet. The hallway is just a couple steps from being done so this was just... Continue reading

paint, trim & molding

What a Difference a Good Paint Job Can Make!

By Picardy Project on Aug 15, 2013

The next step of painting in the hallway is getting all the trim done. That means 6 doorways and the baseboard. And the trim is kind of messed up: Clearly, lots of work needs to... Continue reading


Fixing Up a Salvaged Corner Cabinet

By Picardy Project on Aug 14, 2013

We were thinking the corner of the hallway where we ripped down the old hulking cabinet would be a great place for a corner cabinet. We like how open the space feels, but it also... Continue reading


Organizing the Dreaded Hallway Closet

By Picardy Project on Aug 06, 2013

After we finished off the painting and hanging of standards in the hallway closet, it was time for my favorite part: organizing :) And because our front room was looking like a complete disaster, I... Continue reading


Tool Obsession: Channellocks

By Picardy Project on Jul 31, 2013

Channellocks recently came out with a new line of upgraded tools called the e-series and, since they know I'm a huge fan, they sent me two to try out. Yay! I also bought a pair... Continue reading

decor, kids

From Gross to Great: A Nursery Room Makeover

By Picardy Project on Jul 03, 2013

Zoe's room is officially done, yay! It didn't really take a lot to get it done because we left the wall color and one large piece of furniture. The crib, chair and small bookcase were... Continue reading


The Coreopsis is Back to Life!

By Picardy Project on Jun 25, 2013

The coreopsis have returned from the dead. Astonishing. The original one I split from was looking like this a couple of weeks ago: And now it looks like this! And the one that I transplanted... Continue reading

tools, workshop, storage

Building Custom Tool Storage Just for the Heck of It

By Picardy Project on May 20, 2013

Chris really can't stop himself when it comes to building things. And neither of us can really stop ourselves when it comes to trying to organize things. And now that we're taking on more and... Continue reading

bathroom, storage, maintenance

Fighting with a Cabinet Door that Just. Won't. Close.

By Picardy Project on May 16, 2013

Remember our medicine cabinet that wouldn't close? And it still wouldn't close even after we put those little magnets in the corner? Well, we decided for round two we'd take the door down and shave... Continue reading