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The House of Bing

Sandra Sullivan

A full time MBA student who is slowly turning a builder special house into a home.

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diy, ceilings

DIY Tales: Repairing a Textured Ceiling

By Sandra Sullivan on Oct 16, 2013

Some days the projects go smoothly. They follow the chicken scratch I call a plan and just sorta work out. Poof. Kittens and glitter. Some days the project morphs in a pile of tuba players... Continue reading

diy, trim & molding, installation

Before and After: Wainscoting Is Installed!

By Sandra Sullivan on Aug 20, 2013

Remember back when I began the DIY Diva Duel? No? It was a long time ago – before the hurt ankle, ripping plywood fail, insane summer heat. It was so long ago that I almost... Continue reading

diy, deck patio & porch, lighting

Light It Up: DIY Landscape Lighting

By Sandra Sullivan on May 28, 2013

There is a corner of our yard that is dark and shadowy; the shadows by the bushes freak out the dogs when they go out at night. We tossed around the idea of a motion-sensor... Continue reading


Why Do You Work on Your Home?

By Sandra Sullivan on Apr 02, 2013

I often get asked why I do so much work to a house I will eventually sell – a home I live in for a while instead of a forever home. Why take the time... Continue reading


Garden Variety: Spring Fever, Brown Thumb

By Sandra Sullivan on Mar 11, 2013

This past week, I woke up to a light dusting of snow on the roofs of the surrounding townhomes. Fast forward two days to daylight savings and a beautiful weekend. My neighbors enjoyed their weekend... Continue reading

walls, diy

DIY Map Wallpaper

By Sandra Sullivan on Feb 08, 2013

I was sixteen, with a freshly minted driver’s license and an old off-white Oldsmobile Omega at my disposal. I spent hours cruising around. Gas was cheap, cell phone service was spotty at best, GPS was... Continue reading

flooring, diy

DIY Penny Floor

By Sandra Sullivan on Feb 01, 2013

A few years ago I started gluing pennies to the wall. It was simple: I had put my knee through an already patched hole on the bar wall and decided we needed a surface more... Continue reading


DIY Wire Picture Hanging System

By Sandra Sullivan on Jan 07, 2013

Sometimes you can experience the joy of walking into a space that feels exactly like the person who lives there. Like Grandma’s house. Of course it is Grandma’s house—it smells like coffee, has family photos... Continue reading

deck patio & porch, diy, paint, paint, deck patio & porch

A Happy Place

By Sandra Sullivan on Aug 03, 2012

A Happy Place It is ridiculously hot in Georgia.  Hot like you can feel fire on your arms, hot where it almost feels cool from your sweat evaporating.  Hot.  Hot where it is time to... Continue reading



By Sandra Sullivan on May 30, 2012

On the advice of a coworker, Mike and I ventured out to Loganville, GA in search of a mythical plant retailer called Grower’s Outlet.  A lot of the local landscaping companies order their plants from... Continue reading